Selah and Sims

I'm Selah, I'm 22. I love the Sims obviously. I go from Sims 2 to Sims 3. WCIFs and questions are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy what I post.

Dorian plays for his girlfriend. Dorable aren’t they?

Poor Sophia has to go back to work after eating ;-;

Dorian decides to go over to Yasmin’s house. Only to see she and Dany together. He had heard the rumors of, Dany trying to succeed with Yasmin. He didn’t think they were true. Suddenly, he knows what he has to do. This could make or break their relation ship. He pulls her into his arms, Locking his lips with hers. While Dany just watches, unsure what to think of this heated passion. Dorian expected Yasmin to push him away, and say that she’d prefer to just be friends with him. No, she pulls him closer to her by his wrists. Not caring that Dany Shue is watching. She never really liked him that much anyway.

(Sorry that Yasmin’s clothes are the same, I honestly can’t change everyone’s clothes. I only promise to change my main households clothes each simday. I may give Yasmin some new clothes when my game opens up, but I kinda doubt it. Plus I LOVE what she has on.)

I guess Hunter is getting that its not a good idea to add cinnamon to peanut butter cookies, at least for him.

Smitten.. Perhaps these two will be an item :3

Dorian trying to spit game (is that what the young people say?)

Dorian: Man those legs go on forever. I’m starting to wonder where they stop.

Yasmin: (dying of laughter) Nah, they have a stopping point. And you do know my dad is like five feet from us Dorian.

Dorian: I was hoping that his hearing isn’t so great. Men his age start to lose their hearing.

Yasmin: Well I give you points for trying.

I’m trying to play enough to actually have enough for a chapter.

I”m finally back in Sims 3. I apologize for so much non-Sims and Sims 2 stuff on here lately. I go through droughts (I guess that’s the word) with both Sims games. Sometimes I just don’t feel like playing honestly :s Just recently I finally caught the bakery on sale, so I had to go in and try it. Plus I need to start back with my story about the Wilders. Finally EA gives us a Venue that’s a normal size. Even though I may make a smaller size bakery later. But right now I just want to play.

Omg Pornstache looks so weird without his stache xD



Yes it was weird hearing her voice, but I like both *-* Man I adore this show. Season 3 needs to hurry up.. :|






When I’m trying to convince people to watch OITNB

Prison is fucking funny. Please stop glamorizing shit that isn’t cool. Meth dealers, Hard core biker gangs, Prison, just stop this shit. Why the hell do you think so many kids end up in jail.. BECAUSE WE SHOW THEM BULLSHIT PRISONS!!!

My question for you is have you seen the show? 

OINTB is a comedic and entertaining show. It has funny one-liners and quirky characters yes, but that is not the core of the show. I’d encourage anyone to watch the show not because it is funny but because of the integrity of the characters and the depth of stories involved. The show is partially based off of the experiences of Piper Kerman’s book about her time in prison and her story. The show itself highlights individual characters with relatable back stories, and shows that inmates in prison are not defined by their crimes. They had lives before prison and they will have lives whether or not they stay in prison- why? Because they are people. It doesn’t glamorize anything or trivialize what happens in real prisons. Plot lines in the show discuss issues such as racism, sexism, sexual violence, transgender rights, corruption and exploitation… and much more. Last, but definitely not least the cast is phenomenal diverse group of women; each one adds something different and unique. 

It’s an amazing show, watch it and give it a chance before you say something like that. It will surprise you. 

I love this show! I find it funny! and when I first started watching I binged watched the whole thing in 2 days and by the end of it, I was so fucking anxiety ridden at the thought of being in that situation. After every episode I had to compose myself and take a minute to remember that I am not in that situation. This show does not make you feel like prison is fun or glamorous, it freaks you out, but it’s still fucking funny!

I didn’t think I was going to like the show, but I adore it! The only reason I started watching the show was because of Kate Mulgrue I wanted to see her portray a character that wasn’t a star-ship captain. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I fell in love with most of the characters and their stories. I cried with them and cheered them on and was even deeply disappointed in a few. But it is a great show and I think everyone should at least give it a shot.

I LOVE this show. I try to get everyone to watch it. P.s hun kids end up in prison because of their own choices. But seriously guys watch this.