selahgioI'm Selah, I'm 22, well almost 23. I love the Sims obviously. I go from Sims 2 to Sims 3. WCIFs and questions are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy what I post. There will be a few non-Sim stuff on here.. but I will try to tag it properly or put it on my personal blog.

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    I thought I was lost from your guys for a while.. My computer went on the fritz Friday morning. After trying a ton of things, my mom fixed it today. Mercy.. Being without my computer has shown me some things I need to change about myself. Have mercy… ANYWAY. How are you guys?

    “what's the heterosexual flag look like?”




    it usually looks something like this

    I’ve always wondered why he never writes about homosexual couples, or couples of color, or interracial couples..

    Are all of these the same book or………?

    Yeah pretty much.. just changed ever so slightly.

    :s So I’m redownloading all my Sims 2 cc God this is going to be hell.. This time I’m going to be more organized.. I’m going to take my time before going back into game.. This is going to kill me.

    It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song.. You were always singing along.. It was so easy.. And the words so sweet. You try to feel the beat..

    Guys I’m actually in Sims 2 :3 so you’ll get some screenshots or something soon. :)


    I made a new character, a human mage, named Grace. They’re sending her to the fade..

    I made a new character!

    Jace, pleaseeeee… You have no reason to worry about having another baby. You and your wife’s baby days are OVER. And Jace is getting pretty old ._.

    Jace and Rita took the girls to the pool. Andie made a new friend :3 Ruby.

    Jace and Rita took the girls to the pool. Andie made a new friend :3 Ruby.

    Happy Family :3

    When God comes and calls me to his kingdom, I’ll take all you sons of bitches when I go!

    So Squidbillies :3

    "Love makes you blind to your own survival and if it doesn’t then it’s not love at all.. "

    — Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore by Walter Mosley
    I don’t think Rita will be bug hunting for a while

    I don’t think Rita will be bug hunting for a while

    Things are happening quite quickly around here. Andie aged up. She’s adorbs.

    Have mercy, Ginger Rogers is so pretty.. In a struck sassy way too. Even in black and white her eyes are so beautiful. They look so seductive..

    Don’t worry about Andie, she’s still wrapped around Jace’s finger.

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