Selah and Sims

I'm Selah, I'm 22. I love the Sims obviously. I go from Sims 2 to Sims 3. WCIFs and questions are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy what I post.

Wynonna and Lyla age up.



I have to reblog this every time! xD

Wynonna ages up. Isn’t she cute.

Luke starts flirting with Isaiah. Even though he’s kinda taken.

Luke gets caught sneaking out again.

Rita goes into labor. She has a little girl Wynonna.

Luke may have learned that sneaking out, and losing sleep isn’t a good way to learn. I dunno. I”m kind of out of it atm. Allergies are being a pain. But either way, here’s a picture of Luke passed out.

Jace cools off from the situation by watching telly.

Luke gets caught, and gets an awful lecture from his father.

Luke breaks out of the house to go out with his boyfriend.

I think Jace is oblivious about the fire… This has been the worse week for the Winter family.. Fires, People trying to steal their shit.. Etc.

Luke and his fella pulling a leg pop thing. xD

With Rita on leave, and Jace having an off day, the couple are glued together while the kids are at school.